About Me

An experienced Coach, you’ll find me professional and non-judgemental, approachable yet challenging, with a track record of helping people achieve lasting, positive change. I am accredited as a professional Coach by the Association for Coaching – probably the only accredited AC Coach in Nottingham.

What makes me different as a coach?

Whether you are a high-powered executive, a mum returning to work after a career break, or someone who wants to reassess their life and direction, I value you as an individual. I start with where you are as a person and help you develop your self-belief, give you the tools to make the breakthroughs you need, and build your confidence so you can make exactly the right choices for you.

Happily married, balancing coaching with bringing up two adopted children, I trained as a coach after a successful career in teaching, and university business support, including 15 years in senior management.  Fully CRB-checked, I’ve helped hundreds of people make significant positive shifts in their lives through one-to-one coaching and group workshops. My coaching has included work for the BBC, Champneys, and David Lloyd.

My approach

My approach is caring, honest and supportive, helping you to develop personally and professionally whilst encouraging you to identify and overcome any barriers to achievement.  Whether I coach you as a private individual or as a professional at work, I start with you as a person and tailor-make my coaching to your individual needs. I’m passionate about helping you find the solutions you need to become the best you can be and live a full and vibrant life.  I love to work with busy professionals who want to make a difference to their lives and recognise that this requires commitment and time.

My Guarantee

If I do not feel I am the right Coach for you I will let you know.  I only work with people I feel I can make a real difference with. It is so important to me that you get the most from your coaching that I offer a no-risk guarantee, refunding your money in full if you do not feel to have received anything of value after just one session.

“You’ve totally transformed her life
Friend of a client

What’s your next step?

To find out more about how you can benefit from coaching, get in touch today to arrange a free, no-obligation consultation.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

Tel: 0115 925 2552, Email: [email protected]