Ultimate Relaxation

  • Do you find it hard to unwind?
  • Are you too busy to relax?
  • Are your stress levels affecting your home or your work life?

Then the Ultimate Relaxation CD or MP3 download is for you.

The tracks are deliberately brief yet very powerful and effective.  Clients have found they work where other books or tapes have failed and allow you to experience complete relaxation within 15 minutes.

To hear a sample from Ultimate Relaxation, press play:

Ultimate Relaxation can help you to:

  • Reduce and manage your stress
  • Improve your effectiveness through greater calm
  • Deal better with stressful events
  • Take much-needed time for yourself
  • Become your own healer
  • Find inner calm

Ultimate Relaxation CD

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“The CD is great. I was astonished at how calm I felt. I’m beginning to remember what relaxing actually is.”

Most people who download the CD or MP3 also arrange a free consultation to discover the power of coaching for themselves. Why not get in touch today on 0115 925 2552 or email me?

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