30 Day Challenge

ACT - 30 Day ChallengeI wonder if you’ve kicked off your year setting yourself a challenge?  Dry January perhaps? Losing weight or getting fit? Taking more exercise? Seeing more people?

If you have, congratulations!

The idea of making your challenge last 30 days is a great one, and you can take it on at any time. It changes something that might feel impossible with no ‘end date’ to something you could see your way to achieving. Bringing it down to size.

Like the saying about eating an elephant – one bite at a time. Eating an elephant sounds a phenomenal task (not that I’d ever want to try!) But if you take one bite at a time, suddenly an almost impossible task becomes possible.

Once you’ve started, its easier to continue and complete the task – one bite at a time – working out what your next step is at each point.

What might be your 30 day challenge?

There’s plenty of focus on getting fit and healthy, especially after a festive season of excess. But I wonder what else might have a big impact on your life (and on those around you)?

Working out how you want to spend your next 10 or 20 years?

Connecting more with friends and family?

Building new hobbies or activities?

What about a digital detox?

Recently I was watching a programme about twins which showed that even having our phones near to us can have a negative impact on our IQ.  It’s already been proven that the use of phones and other digital devices disrupts our sleep, compromises our concentration, interferes with our relationships, and mars our sense of happiness and wellbeing. Yet we often find ourselves checking phones, emails, and social media regularly throughout the day every day.

What would be the impact if you were to set yourself a 30-day digital detox challenge?

I’d guess it could lead to

  • better sleep
  • improved focus and concentration
  • higher productivity
  • improved relationships
  • and you’ll feel happier

What’s more, with more time to spend connecting with friends and family, science shows you’ll have less illness, your risk of heart disease will lower, and your mental capacity will reduce less as you age.  In fact, with greater happiness and wellbeing, you can even lengthen your life span (and you’ll be happier and healthier living that life!)

How do you go about a digital detox?

Well, it’s up to you.  Any improvement can make a difference – remember that elephant? But here are some ideas:

  • decide when you will detox – every evening, each weekend, between certain times of the day
  • schedule this in your diary – set alerts, remind yourself, so you commit to it and know it will happen
  • plan what you’ll do with your new-found time – with family or friends, getting outside, new activities
  • avoid temptation – switch off and put away your devices
  • enjoy the difference – notice the impact, savour your improved relationships and wellbeing
  • decide if this is important enough to continue beyond 30 days – and plan that in

If you’d like, download my 30 Day Digital Detox plan and follow it, or adapt it to work for you.

Whatever the challenge you set yourself, enjoy and notice the difference.

Do let me know what your challenge is – I’d love to hear about it and how you’re doing.

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