A momentous day

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Today is a remarkable day.  At just after noon today, it will be the 12th second of the 12th minute of the twelfth hour or the twelfth day of the twelfth month of the twelfth year.  That’s  And this won’t happen again for one thousand years!  In fact, as we have now reached the 12th year of this century, there will not be another opportunity for a similar date pattern for another 89 years (on the 1st January 2101).

What an opportunity to celebrate the uniqueness of this day!

I wonder what would happen if we celebrated every day as unique, special and to be treasured?  As one to live to the full?  What would you do differently if you lived today to the full?

It’s sometimes not until we ask these questions that we understand the real meaning of happiness and balance in our lives.

So, maybe on this special day, perhaps sometime around, take a moment to just ponder what you’d do differently if you were really making the most of this very day.  And then go and do it!

Me?  I’ll get out in the fresh air, call my parents, and make time for my children when they return from school.  Simple.  But important.

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