A Story for Christmas

cherry blossomIn the spirit of giving, I thought you might like a change from my normal post. So here’s a heart-warming story of one man’s transformation from stress and anxiety to confidence and positivity. A story for you to enjoy this Christmas…

Last week I received an email from a previous client of mine.  This is what it said:

“It’s been a while since I saw you, probably 3 years or more.  I just wanted to tell you how my life as progressed since our sessions together.

With my anxiety I have now accepted that I will probably always have to deal with it from time to time. A lot of the calming mechanisms you showed me still play a part today.  I remember you saying that I was a great coach at telling myself how to worry and panic and that I wasn’t recognising the successes when I had them – it was so profound.  Now I actually do find myself recognising when things go well which has a huge impact on how I feel in certain scenarios. If I feel things didn’t go so well, I don’t give the thought the time. That’s a massive shift for me.

You may remember that I was always keen to get into property. I am pleased to say that my dream is well underway. We renovated our house within 3 months (loved every minute of it) and since then we have also bought 2 rental properties. Early next year we will have a third rental and we are looking at renovating another place for us to live in after that.

My partner and I got married in September which was massive for me and I am so pleased that we did it.  I didn’t realise how special it would feel; I was genuinely always nervous about that kind of thing.

My future is now a blank canvass too.  After 15 years  I have taken voluntary severance from my work. I finish at the end of January and then I will be taking a couple of months off to work out my next move.  I want to try and avoid doing the same work that I do now. It’s exciting to think I could have a happier work life in the next few months.

Thanks again for all of your help, you made a massive difference to my life.”

What I love about this, is he is really recognising and acknowledging the changes he’s made to his outlook and his life. He’s taking charge of his life and his future and making them work for him. And the difference is positive and huge.

That’s what I wish for all my clients.

There’s a lovely quote from poet and politician Pablo Neruda which sums up neatly what I hope to support clients with through the coaching:

“I want to do for you what the spring does to the cherry trees.” 


This is about you taking charge of your life and making it confident, positive and happy.

And that’s the power of coaching.

Happy Christmas and have an even happier and fulfilling New Year!

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