Balancing work and health

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As I mentioned last time, my Clean Sweep programme, adapted from the original by Ginger Cockerham, is a great way to create a more balanced and satisfying life for yourself.  I’ll be sharing the different sections with you over the next few weeks, starting this week with Work and Health.  

Simply award yourself one mark for each statement that is true for you. Feel free to adapt any statement to make it more appropriate for your life. If any statement is not true and could never be true (because it doesn’t apply for you) then mark it as if it is true.  The idea is not to have the highest score; rather to identify areas for growth.  


  1. I manage my workload well
  2. If my work isn’t fulfilling me, I am taking steps to change it
  3. I regularly take evenings and weekends off and take enough holiday
  4. My work environment is inspiring and productive
  5. I feel recognised and appreciated at work


  1. I feel fit and healthy
  2. I eat well using healthy food
  3. I am proud of my body and it is in good shape
  4. I am physically active each day and feel I take enough exercise
  5. I do not drink alcohol more than moderately and don’t smoke or use drugs

Now you’ve completed these two sections  choose one statement you’d like to work towards, that will make a real difference to your life.  Think about what steps you could take to achieve this goal. Then decide what one step you will take this time – and do it this week!

Then let me hear your achievements   I’d love to hear about them, however small.  Who knows, perhaps we could create an on-line support group towards a more balanced and satisfying life!

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