Be The Director of Your Life

Doris Day Que Sera SeraHow would it be to be the director of your life, not just the participant?

One of the greatest joys for me as a coach is to witness clients moving from a place of resigned participation to one of positive choice and action.  There are few things more depressing and overwhelming than feeling you have little control over what’s happening in your life, or work.  Yet to grasp things with both hands, choose what you want to change and achieve, and get out there and do exactly that is awe-inspiring and wonderful.

Be the Director

Let me give you a couple of examples.

Our daughter was approaching her GCSEs with the prospect of a long summer post-exams ahead of her with little to achieve or do. She wanted some form of summer job but didn’t know where or how to start finding one.

She could have scoured the job advertisements for openings, but that might have taken lots of time and may have led nowhere. After all, she was inexperienced, young, and only wanted work for a few months over the summer.

So she took charge of finding something herself.  Armed with an updated CV, an introductory letter, and ideas about where she could reasonably travel to and might be of interest, she knocked on doors. Lots of them. She asked to speak to managers.  Dressed smartly, she introduced herself and said what she could offer and the sort of work she was looking for. She ended up with 3 jobs.  Not bad for her first employment!

Then there’s my client who wanted to buy a house with her new husband.  She had clear ideas of the sort of home she wanted – what it would look like, how big, where it would be and so on. Hours of checking out estate agents and websites were in prospect.  She may have found the perfect house. Or she could have become demoralised as week after week her perfect home didn’t materialise.

Instead, she and her husband put together a letter introducing themselves and what they were looking for.  They took the letters round to properties they liked in the areas they’d chosen, that weren’t yet on the market, and handed them out individually.  They’re now part way through buying their lovely new home.

We can sit and wait hopefully.  We can resign ourselves to our fate. Put up with things that don’t work for us or make us unhappy.

Or we can choose to be proactive. To make things happen.  Take charge and be the director of our lives.

Want to change job or career? Go and make it happen!

Like a new home? Go and find one!

Want a better life? Go and create it!

I’d love to know any examples of when you’ve done this – made things happen, rather than hoping they’ll change – and how it worked for you.  One thing is sure. You will have a boost having just had a go.

Work out what kind of life you want, then take steps towards it.

Instead of Doris Day’s “Que sera sera, whatever will be, will be” how about Wayne Gretzky’s “Just remember, 100% of the shots you don’t take, don’t go in.”

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