Being good enough

Do you ever feel not good enough?

Certainly a number of my clients feel this way.  Even though they recognise things they’re doing well in many ways, they nevertheless are excruciatingly aware of the ways in which they feel to not make the grade.  This can bring with it debilitating guilt, fear and shame.  It makes them feel vulnerable and that doesn’t feel good.

Yet being vulnerable and imperfect is what makes us human.   They are our strengths.

There’s a great video about this by Brene Brown called The Power of Vulnerability.  In it she suggests that to fully experience life with all its joy, we have to embrace our vulnerability.  She argues that what makes a person vulnerable makes them beautiful, that we have to have courage to be imperfect, that in order to connect with others authentically we have to let go of who we feel we should be so that we can be who we really are.

I believe it’s about recognising that we won’t always get things right, that we will make mistakes, that things will go wrong, that we are all work in progress and that being good enough is good enough.  If we can be kinder to ourselves, just as we often find it easy to be kind to others, we can accept ourselves warts and all.

And that’s the way to feeling more confident, and more worthy, and to getting on with the real joy of living.

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