Being Your Best

Andy Murray winI was chatting recently about the possibility of coaching someone’s husband. She mentioned his reluctance, his ‘pride’ and that he may not want to be labelled as ‘needing help’. Interesting. Because that’s not how coaching is. It’s simply about bringing out your best self. Being your best.

Let me explain…

If we are suffering, we may go and see someone – a doctor, perhaps, or a therapist – to help us feel better. They help us to ‘mend’, to feel better, to cope with the here and now.

If we have identified something in ourselves we want to change or improve, we can also go and see someone – a coach, perhaps. He or she will help us identify things we can change to become our best selves, personally and/or professionally. And she will support and challenge us in successfully making those changes.

Having a coach does not mean you are weak, or a failure. It means you are strong. Strong enough to realise you want to make changes. Courageous enough to get on with it. And clear-sighted enough to wish to benefit from the support of a skilled professional to make it easier, or quicker, to make those changes.

Andy Murray has a coach.  He has reached the top of his game. Yet he still has a coach. His coach will have supported him in achieving his success, and continues to work with him to help him stay at the top of his game.

I’m sure Andy Murray does not think it strange or a sign of weakness that he has a coach. Nor, I imagine, do all those senior leaders in companies where they use coaching as a key leadership development tool. Instead, they recognise coaching as something that helps them and their organisation achieve even greater success. They see the coaching as a tool that helps them remove the barriers to their success and take steps to greater effectiveness.

Significantly, two separate studies on the impact of coaching (the Manchester Review and the MetrixGlobal study) discovered that the return on investment to organisations using coaches for their people is over 500%!

Coaching is something to be proud of. I have seen time and again how it leads to noticeable, positive change. Through coaching we discover what it is that gets in our way of success, learn how to turn that around, and then become our best selves at home and at work.

In the words of one of my clients: “I’m participating more in life, I am ultimately happier and my self esteem and confidence has sky rocketed. I have become a much better version of me.”

Something to be proud of? I think so!




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