Comfort Zones, Challenges and Cycling

cycle challenge & comfort zonesWhat have you done to stretch your comfort zone recently?

Go on – I bet there’s something! Perhaps you’ve pushed yourself to make that phone call you’ve been avoiding, taken on the challenge of public speaking, or run your first race?

Congratulations if so! How did it feel? At the time, maybe, and especially after you’d achieved it?

Its amazing how stretching our comfort zones and challenging ourselves can result in a huge boost to our self-confidence. That sense of recognising we’ve achieved something big and can feel proud of ourselves.  Any fears or feelings of inadequacy beforehand subside, replaced with positive feelings of achievement and pride.

If you haven’t stretched your comfort zone in a while, I’d definitely recommend it!

Just to prove that I’m not avoiding that challenge, let me share with you my latest mad project…

This summer I shall be cycling, along with my husband and son, nearly 1000 miles – the length of the UK from Land’s End to John O’Groats – in 2 weeks! It sounds mad even to us, and it feels very daunting too. We’ll have to average 75 miles each day….day after day.

Somewhat foolishly, I told my husband I’d like to do this a year or so ago. But at that point I had in mind a 3-week trip, setting our own pace and spacing out the cycling, so it didn’t feel too demanding.

That wasn’t to be, and instead we’re joining 22 other mad people to undertake the challenge in two weeks. Fourteen days of relentless pedal-pushing up the entire length of our country.

So the training’s begun. Weekend’s are beginning to feel like one long cycling marathon. Yet we’ve still some way to go. So far, we’ve managed 80 miles over 2 consecutive days – rather than the 150 or so we’ll face in 2 days on our actual trip.

It feels scary, but I’m really looking forward to achieving this challenge.  And to make it even more worthwhile, we’re using the trip to make a difference to others too. Sadly, two of our very good friends, Alan and Helena, died young from myeloma and from pulmonary fibrosis this last year. Our cycle challenge offers the wonderful opportunity to stretch our comfort-zones, and to support other families and friends facing these life-limiting conditions.

If you feel able, we’d love it if you’ll help us turn our madness into something that leaves a positive legacy for others. We have a target to raise £1000 for the two charities Myeloma UK and Action for Pulmonary Fibrosis.  You can find out more or make a donation here.

I wonder if this inspires you to stretch your comfort zone and take on a new challenge? Or perhaps you’re already planning one?

If so, I’d love to hear about it!

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