Dealing with life’s little crises

Some while back I was chatting with a fellow coach about self-confidence, and she mentioned how having self-confidence and self-belief is not about always feeling confident.  Instead, it’s about knowing, deep down, that you will cope in those moments when you hit a minor crisis, or, as I like to call it, a bit of a ‘wobble’.  The great thing is that self-confidence is not something we are either born with or not born with.  It’s a skill that can be learnt.

It’s incredibly liberating to realise that, although there may always be things in life that throw you off balance, you can deal with them and get back on track.

Like my client, Miranda.  Extremely capable and in a senior role, she nevertheless often felt lacking in self-confidence and wanted to be able to deal with things at work in a more confident, relaxed way so she felt happier and good about herself.  Her boss had become critical and unsupportive, and she needed to move on, yet had a real fear of taking steps towards a new role.

In her early days of coaching, her fear might have been enough to prevent her from taking any action. choosing instead to stay in her comfort zone, however uncomfortable that actually was. Instead, having uncovered and faced head-on her fears, and then worked out, step by step, how she could deal with them, she was able to take action.

She’d learnt the skills needed around positive thinking, changing mindset, and taking action.  Her ‘wobble’  became nothing more than a temporary ‘blip’.  She’s now happily  working in a new job, has achieved a promotion, and is expecting her first child.

If you’d like to find out about how confidence coaching could help you, read more about how it here.  Or just pick up the phone or email me to set up a free consultation.  It would be great to hear from you!

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