Finding Work You’ll Love

work you'll loveCareer change with you at the heart

This is about finding work that honours and fulfils you.  If you’re unhappy in your current job, this is for you.

We can drift through school and college or university, and find ourselves in a job.  Or perhaps we’re pushed there by parents or teachers. Then, further down the line, we realise we’re not happy. We’re not doing what we really want to do.

Finding work you’ll love is about discovering the intersection of 3 important ingredients – what you enjoy, what helps you feel appreciated, and what feels worthwhile. Awareness of those 3 elements hits the sweet spot of work you’ll love.

It is about creating a vision for yourself that is not influenced by parents, teachers, or your own inner gremlin about what’s possible.

Work You'll Love

What do you enjoy?

First work out what motivates you and brings you energy:

  • what do you love to do?
  • which skills do you enjoy using?
  • what are your strengths (that come naturally to you without much effort)
  • what gives you energy, makes your heart sing?
  • who are you when you are not holding yourself back?
  • which elements of the above do you wish to bring to your work?

When do you feel appreciated?

Work out what makes you feel appreciated:

  • positive feedback? From whom – your boss? peers? partner? yourself?
  • what motivates you at work? e.g. leadership, challenge, people management, producing a product, being of service, money, team working, creativity, flexibility, freedom
  • what needs to be the case for you to feel appreciated? right organisational culture? attitude/approach of your boss? own positive self-talk?

What makes work feel worthwhile?

Finally work out what makes your work feel worthwhile:

  • making a difference? How? To whom?
  • feeling your work fits with your values? What are they?
  • feeling your work fits your life purpose? What are you here for?
  • what do you want to look back on when you’re 95?
  • what would be your ideal life? What (personal and professional) future do you want to create for yourself?

Finding work you’ll love

A word about money.

It’s very easy to be led by that and the apparent need to earn ever more. But there’s only so much we need to earn.  Often we don’t even know exactly what income we need – we simply haven’t done the maths.

What’s more, it’s easy for a more expensive lifestyle to feel needed because it ‘props up’ unfulfilling or stress work e.g. paying for ready meals, gym membership or regular holidays, simply to cope with the demands of your job.

Ask yourself:

  • do you want to die rich but unhappy?
  • what would you change or decide if you had all the money you need?

Work out your realistic budget – what you need to pay for and what must come in to cover that.  Then make your decisions based on reality, and from a feast rather than famine mentality.

Once you’ve worked out the intersection of the 3 elements – what you enjoy, what means you feel appreciated, and what makes work feel worthwhile – it’s about having the confidence and courage to take your first steps to your new future. Confidence to:

  • not hold yourself back
  • find out what’s out there
  • knock on doors
  • present yourself to the appropriate people in the best way
  • turn your thinking into action and change
  • make the work you’ll love become a reality

Read more about finding work you’ll love here and here.

You can find the work you’ll love.  It’s about working out what that is for you, and then going for it!

Get in touch if you want some professional support in helping you find work you’ll love.

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