Grateful To Be Alive!

fallen treeWow! We’re so grateful to be alive!

This week’s storm brought a tree down in our garden.

Not just any tree. This was a 12 metre high blue cedar.

It’s taken 6 men to clear it, over several days.

The great thing is, no-one was hurt.  Even the house came off virtually unscathed.

And this made me think how grateful we can be to be alive. The tree came down within metres of our house and that of our neighbour.  We were all in.  The tree could have crashed through the roof.  But it didn’t.  We are so lucky!

How great is it that, out of some of the darkest corners of our lives, we can come face to face with what’s good.

My father died last year.

I am still so sad that he isn’t around.  But his death makes me realise how lucky we were to have him with us all those years.  How wonderful it is that he lived so long and had a relatively healthy and happy life.

I am getting older each year, just like you.  Yet I am so fortunate to be doing so. Some of our friends haven’t been so lucky.  They lost their lives too young. I am alive and I have good health and happiness, along with lovely family and friends.

It’s so easy to dwell on the heartache, the hard, the problems, the negatives.

Yet if we lift our heads up and look beyond that, we can find real joy and contentment.

Learning to be grateful

Looking for, and finding, the things we appreciate and are grateful for, has a huge impact on our mood.  It leads to greater positivity, and even to a longer (and happier) life.

It can be good to take a moment just to reflect on what we’re grateful for. Our home, our family, our friends, our work, enough money for our needs, food and clean water, our health.

Somehow, the world just feels a better place.

Our lives feel better and more fulfilling.

So, what are you grateful for, right now?

Stop. Take a moment to reflect. Maybe do this daily.


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2 Responses to Grateful To Be Alive!

  1. Mel February 13, 2020 at 12:34 pm #

    Oh wow ! Glad to hear you are all safe and no one hurt Liz. A lovely blog post here I enjoyed reading and having a think over.

  2. Elizabeth Juffs February 13, 2020 at 1:53 pm #

    Glad you enjoyed the post, Mel, and we really are so grateful no-one was hurt. We now have a large, sad space where the tree was. Time to think about its replacement!

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