How to have a happy home environment and relationships

For the last few weeks we’ve been looking at balancing the different aspects of our lives using my version of Ginger Cockerham’s Clean Sweep programme. The great thing about the programme is that it enables us both to assess how we’re currently doing and gives us pointers for things to change. Following the programme can lead you to greater happiness, balance and fulfilment. This time we’re looking at our relationships and home environment.

As before, award yourself one mark for each statement that is true for you. If a statement could never apply to you, mark it as achieved. The idea is not to have the highest score; rather to identify areas for growth.

Home Environment

  1. I have an uplifting home environment
  2. I live in a home I like in an area of my choice
  3. I deal with letters, email and phone calls promptly and my personal paperwork is neatly filed
  4. My home is clutter-free and clean
  5. I recycle my waste wherever possible


  1. My children (if any) and my partner (if any) add energy to my life
  2. I say ‘no’ whenever I need to
  3. I am happy with my relationships and give enough time to maintain them
  4. I have a best friend or soul-mate who is always a source of support for me
  5. I do not inappropriately express anger towards others or to myself
Now you’ve completed these two sections  choose one statement you’d like to work towards, that will make a real difference to your life. Think about what steps you could take to achieve this new goal. Then decide what one step you will take this week.
If you’ve been following the programme, you’ll now be working on 3 different areas of your life, taking small steps to improve your balance and well-being in those areas.  Make sure the steps you take are small enough for you to feel real success.
If you’d like any help with this or to let me know your achievements, I’d love to hear from you.  Feel free to post your comments and successes below.

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