I’m So Excited!

excitedSounds like a lyric from an 80’s pop song.

No, really – I am so excited!…  Imagine all our children feeling inspired, positive, confident and happy, ready to grab their lives with both hands. Imagine that happening at a time when they’re young enough and vibrant enough to make the most of those positive feelings without being bowed down with exams and other pressures. When their invigorated confidence and good feelings has an impact on the rest of their lives – on their attitude at home and school, on their friends and family, and on their own abilities and success.  When they can inspire others to feel upbeat and positive too.

Well, that’s the future we’re launching this week with 1000 kids.

I’ve linked up with award-wining author and happiness expert, Andy Cope,  inspiring head teacher, Graham Cullen and brilliant schools adviser, Hilary Craik (OBE) to run a potentially life-changing project, ‘Brilliant Notts’.

In two days’ time, central Nottingham will be over-run with 9 and 10 year olds from 18 Primary schools across the county.  Their first workshop will introduce them to the latest thinking in positive psychology, happiness and flourishing so they can begin to develop some new positive habits.  After 2 more days of workshops they will take their learning back to their schools and communities and develop a project to inspire them to greater positivity and brilliance too.  In June, we will hold a special event to discover what the children have been achieving and celebrate their success.

Our aim is to help the children achieve fabulous results, personally, emotional, socially and academically, and for their brilliant work to be copied across the country so the UK (and beyond?) can be inspired to high levels of positivity and success.  Wow!

I’ll keep you posted.  Meanwhile, if you’d like to know more, just keep in touch.

Now, where’s that Pointer Sisters track?…….

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