It’s amazing how resourceful we are

I’d just got back from taking the posters I’d produced to the David Lloyd health club to advertise some time management / work-life balance workshops I’m running as their Resident Life Coach, and had to get stuck straight in to creating an octopus! Yes, that’s right, I kid you not!

My son’s school is having a book week complete with the opportunity to come dressed one day as their favourite book character. Oh, yippee!

The stakes were upped even more when he proclaimed that his favourite book character was the octopus from his book about under the sea. (Why couldn’t he have chosen a skeleton from ‘Funnybones’, when the shops are stocked out with Halloween costumes?)

Anyway, one suitably sparkly remant of material purchased, a couple of off-cuts retrieved from the cupboard, a bit of elastic, glue and an upturned bowl later, and we have something that passes for an octopus…………..or perhaps a jellyfish, as several children commented when the octopus and I arrived in the playground! Blue Peter, eat your heart out!

You know, when I first heard the news that I was to provide my son with a costume, I silently squirmed (as did, probably, many of the other parents!) Yet, once we put our minds to something the end result can be quite amazing. OK, maybe my octopus isn’t that good (although my son’s pretty impressed). But I am constantly reminded what a resourceful lot we all are whenever I meet with my clients or lead workshops. Between us, we have an amost limitless capacity for creating things and for finding solutions to problems.

So, with that in mind, I’m off to complete the next stage of drafting my stress management solution for organisations with another life coach. With a bit of luck I’ll be as inspired as I was over the octopus!

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