A Joyous Christmas!

Christmas baublesAs we all start (well, in my case, any way!) to think about presents, Christmas food, and enter the real busy-ness of this season, there is a danger we forget about the real reason for Christmas.  It’s about giving, yet not about how many gifts or what they cost.  Christmas is about the gift we all have of Jesus who showed us how to live generously from our hearts.

My wish for this Christmas is that we have a joyous, fun and relaxing time.  Yet that somewhere in the midst of all the rush and preparation, we give ourselves the time and space to breathe and reflect on perhaps the greatest gift of all, and how we too might bring some joy to the hearts of those we love – and to ourselves.

Thank you for your custom, and a happy and joyous Christmas to you and your nearest and dearest!


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