Just Being

just beingIt’s summer! And what a summer!

Love it or hate it, the sun is (mostly) shining, it’s warm (or hot) and school-term has finished. Time for holidays and fun!

But what about you? Are you taking time out, or are you busy rushing, trying to cram everything in, barely stopping to breathe?

We can easily get into a habit of hurrying from one task to the next.  Constantly checking our phones for messages and emails. Never feeling to be on top of things. Worrying about how we’ll fit everything in. Or going after the next (hopefully big) pay-packet.

Maybe it doesn’t have to be like this?

Our work, of course, is important, especially when it’s meaningful and worthwhile. So is earning enough to fulfil our needs. But maybe they’re not quite as important as we make them. Perhaps not all the tasks we have must be done today or right now. It’s possible that some of them don’t need to be done at all, or not by ourselves.  Maybe your desire to earn more is driven by ‘shoulds’ rather than needs?

I wonder what is important? What will make you truly happy?

Holiday time is a great time to breathe and just be.

What do you mean, you’re too busy to take your holiday? I don’t imagine anyone ever said on their death-bed they wish they’d spent more time in the office.

What are the things in life that bring you the most satisfaction? I’m betting it’s not more work, great riches, or more ‘stuff’.

For most of us, what’s really important, what we’d look back fondly on from our death-beds, are experiences. Good times spent with important others. Memories made or shared.

But to have good times, to enjoy others, and to create memories, we have to stop.  Stop and notice.

Stop the rushing and instead just ‘be’.

Notice the moment.

Appreciate the small pleasures in life.

Enjoy our children, our partners, our friends and family.

Spend time together over a lovely meal, talk, listen, learn.

Visit places, discover new things, create, enjoy new hobbies, go on adventures.

“But I’m too busy to stop and just be”, you might say.

Well, are you? Really?

What about choosing to take your holiday, creating new experiences for yourself and others?

What about taking a few minutes out of your day today to stop and just be?

How about stopping right now, breathing and noticing all the things you appreciate in this present moment?

I can almost guarantee you will feel better, and be better able to face your day, if you do.

Try it and see.  Then let me know.

Enjoy being!


2 Responses to Just Being

  1. Julie Bagshaw August 9, 2018 at 3:29 pm #

    Thank you for these tip on just being, couldn’t have come at a better time x

  2. Elizabeth Juffs August 9, 2018 at 4:14 pm #

    A pleasure, Julie. Take some time to enjoy just being!

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