Like more confidence?

like more confidence?I’m thrilled to let you know that one of my clients is featured in the current (May) issue of the Woman & Home magazine.  Ann’s story is really uplifting and shows just what can be achieved with a bit of determination and investing in yourself.

Ann tells how she moved from having ‘lost’ herself in a place of despair and exhaustion, to confidence, happiness and a new job. She achieved this through working out what she wanted in life and taking steps towards this.  We discovered how and when she was ‘tripping herself’ up, with old, unhelpful habits and ways of thinking, and she turned this around so she felt congruent with who she was and what she wanted.

The story ends with how she successfully found and applied for a new, more rewarding job, where she feels valued and respected. Yet this isn’t the end of the story for Ann.  She is now in a very different place and the article and the photo ooze this.  The world is now her oyster and I’m watching with interest to see where her new-found confidence and happiness takes her.

Do let me know if you’ve seen the article.  I’d love to hear your comments.

Which made me think….. I wonder where your journey in life is taking you? Where will you be in 5 years time? What do you want in life (and work) and how will you get there?

I’m hoping for you a fascinating journey towards even greater happiness and confidence.  And if you want any help along the way, just give me a shout!



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