Make the good weigh more than the bad


It’s Autumn!  We’ve had a wonderful summer (for the UK) with plenty of warmth and sunshine.  Now the leaves are turning, the temperature’s dropped and we’re reaching for our fleeces and fires.

Do you find it difficult sometimes to feel upbeat when the weather gets damp and cold?  I certainly do.  But staying in that dark place can make use feel more morose than ever.

I see lots of clients who get into a downward spiral – something goes wrong or feels hard that makes them feel low, then the weight of that drags them down further.  Before they know it, all the good stuff feels to have disappeared and everything seems bad.

A great trick is to change things in our minds.  Yes, we really can do that.  Instead of dwelling on the cold, or the project that didn’t seem to go well, or the argument we’ve just had with our partner, we can choose to notice the good things.  There are always good things – even if it’s only that our bodies are working (mostly) or that we have food on the table.

Looking for good things means we start to redress the balance between the good and the bad.  We can make the good weigh more than the bad, as long as we actively choose to do that.  Once we start to really notice the good, more positive things almost magically appear.  Take our eyes off the ‘bad’ stuff, and suddenly the bad loses its influence.

Try it – have a go yourself today.

Life is such a precious gift – including the lovely Autumns we can enjoy, rich with colour and magnificence.  Forget the cold, forget the damp. Look for that lovely leaf that’s turning a brilliant shade of crimson, give a hug to your nearest and dearest, find the bit in your project that did go well, and make the good in your life weigh more than the bad.

Happy Autumn!

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2 Responses to Make the good weigh more than the bad

  1. Pascale Cozzolino October 1, 2013 at 11:02 am #

    This is so very true, such a simple and yet powerful notion that we can change the way we feel by becoming more aware of, and then changing, our thoughts! And the beauty of that is, therefore, we have that power, we are powerful, not powerless 🙂
    Thank you Liz and happy Autumn to you too!

    • elizabeth October 1, 2013 at 5:13 pm #

      Hey, yes. It’s great when we really ‘get’ that we have power over so many things. Somehow it feels as if we start to grow up when we ‘get’ that and start to use that power wisely, rather than abuse it or avoid taking responsibility for ourselves and our lives.
      Thanks Pascale!

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