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Golden BuddhaA few years ago I wrote an article about the Golden Buddha. It has been one of my most popular posts.

Today I want to give you an update on the story. You see, I thought the story was just part of folklore and wasn’t necessarily based on fact. A few days ago I discovered that the story is true.

I’d like to retell it here. See if it has relevance for you and your life…

The Story of the Golden Buddha

Many years ago, probably around the 13th or 14 century, the people of Thailand built a huge Buddha made of solid gold. It was worshipped and revered.

The statue measured nearly 5 metres high and weighed 5 and a half tons. Some time afterwards, the country was in danger of invasion. So, to protect the statue from marauders, it was covered with a thick layer of plaster.

Sure enough, the land was invaded. Many temples and statues were destroyed. Precious metals and jewels were stolen. But the Golden Buddha was left alone. It didn’t look very important.

Many years passed. The origins of the Buddha were forgotten and its solid gold interior remained hidden.

Then in 1955, the statue was moved to its present home, in the Wat Traimit Temple, Bangkok. Whilst moving the statue, it fell. Some of the plaster broke off, revealing its golden interior. The rest of the plaster was carefully removed and the Buddha’s true beauty and magnificence once again became apparent.

Some Questions to Ask Yourself

I like to think of the Golden Buddha as a wonderful analogy for ourselves…

Who is the shiny you? The you you are when you allow yourself to shine and be all that you can be?

Is your shiny you on view to the world? Or do you keep it hidden? Even from yourself?

What is it that keeps your shiny you hidden? Is it the beliefs you hold or the messages you tell yourself that keep you small?

What do you need to do to reveal your full, shiny self?

And what would happen if you did? How would you be? And how would your life be?

What is your first step to revealing your full, shiny self?

And when will you take it?

Do let me know!

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