The difference a teacher makes

My daughter, who is a lovely, dynamic 9 year old (or “9 and a half” in her book!), who usually gives myself and my husband quite a challenging time (I think she’s in training for being a teenager!), is a smiling, happy, reasonable child again!

OK, some of this has to do with our recent holiday – two weeks of beach, doing things she really wanted to do, without any pressure or getting bored.

Yet I believe much of it has to do with the end of uncertainty over her new class, now the new term has started, and having a teacher who really values her, and who praises her and boosts her confidence. The smile she gave me as I met her after her first day in the new class would have melted ice!

The difference a teacher makes is huge. During my schooling, I didn’t find maths a particularly easy subject. But one year I had a very good, extremely strict, maths teacher, who built my confidence and really developed my skills in the subject. I achieved 94% in the end of year exam. The following year, my teacher simply didn’t have the same skills in bringing out the best in the pupils he taught. My end of year exam result was 49%!

I hope that all of us who have contact with children have the ability to really bring out their best. Then we will have a generation of children who are confident, settled, happy and successful. What more could we want?

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