Top 6 Confidence Boosting Secrets – Part Two



Today I want to talk to you about building your self-belief.

I worked with a lady recently who felt she wasn’t good enough in meetings and giving presentations.  She felt tongue-tied, ineffective and unheard/appreciated.  She told me she wanted to feel calm and confident so people valued her contribution.

We discovered that, even though she believed these things to be true of herself, actually she already was calm and confident deep down.  She also discovered that, by letting out the calm, confident person she already was, people did appreciate and value the contribution she made, and found her presentations interesting and useful.

Fascinating stuff!  The only thing, often, that trips us up is ourselves.  Change our beliefs and we can change our outcomes for the better.

Confidence Boosting Secret Number Two:

Re-Set Your Self-Belief

What beliefs do you hold that limit your success or effectiveness?  What do you believe about yourself that brings you down or keeps you small?

Identify these limiting beliefs.  Then  imagine believing the opposite.  How would things be different?  How would you feel?  How would you be?

Then decide what things you need to change in order for you to create that new  reality.  Take your first step towards that new reality today.  Then see how your life opens up and your self-belief blossoms.

Have a read of this lovely piece from Alan Cohen:

“If you do not value who and what you are,
you will seek to borrow worth from the outer world.
You will look for validation from people whom you believe know or have more than you.

“But since everything you need is inside you and no one can know more about your path and purpose than you do,
any power you ascribe to external authorities must eventually explode in your face and leave you feeling worse than when you started.
The question is not, “Have you given your power away?”
The question is, “How can you get it back?”

“If any aspect of your life sucks,
getting it unsucked is an inside job.
You do not need to import power,
for you were born with it;
you just need to plug the holes in your bucket through which it is leaking.
The quest is about peeling away the lies and illusions you have been told
– and went on to tell yourself –
that have kept you living smaller than you deserve.
When you do, you will be amazed to realize how much you have settled for.
Then you will have little patience for half-hearted living and reclaim your right to live from choice
rather than default.”

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Next time I’ll be sharing with you how to build your confidence through setting realistic goals.  Till then!

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