What a success!

I’m lucky – I get paid to do a job that I love……helping people achieve their real potential. And it’s always wonderful whenever a client reaches a real breakthrough.

One lady came to me recently, struggling with many aspects of her life. She had spiralled downwards in an ever-increasing vicious circle of negative thoughts and negative things happening to her. She felt that life had dealt her an unfair hand, and her resulting distress was affecting every aspect of her life, including her health, wellbeing, her confidence, the way she spent her time, and her motivation. She no longer valued herself and felt completely at sea.

After the first session, things started to turn around. This week she told me “I feel better and better each day. I feel more confident. I’m truly, truly happy!”

She’s now recognising how she’s been her own worst enemy. As Henry Ford once put it: “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.” With the work we’ve done over the last few weeks, she’s starting to value herself more, to be kinder to herself, and to think much more positively.

And its an honour to see this change and to be part of it. It really is a privilege to be be involved in helping people become the best they can be and live a life that is fulfilling and good.

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