You at Your Best

You at your bestHow often do you feel to be at your best? Firing on all 4 cylinders, confident, happy, taking the world in your stride?

Not often? Or at least, not often enough?

What impact would it have for you if you were at your best? At home? At work? In your personal life?

Well, what if I shared with you an effective approach you can use to help you be your best, whenever you want or need to? Even when things feel wobbly, and you feel anything but your best?

Visualising You at Your Best

The first step is to remember a time when you were at your best.  It doesn’t have to be a work situation, or related to where you’d like to feel your best.  It can be anything….you on holiday, taking part in your favourite sport, an occasion with your children, or a situation at work when you felt great.

Breathe. Perhaps close your eyes.

Then ‘step’ into that situation again.  As if you’re there and replaying it all over again.

Notice, in this re-imagining, what you can see around you.  The shapes, colours, people, movement.

Listen to what you can hear.  Any sounds or voices.  The wind, any background noise perhaps.

Pay attention to what you can feel. The clothes you’re wearing, anything or anyone touching you. The temperature around you.

Now bring alive any smells or tastes you’re aware of in this situation.

The trick is to make this as real as if you’re there right now.

Next, notice how you feel.  All those feelings of you being your best.  Your calm, perhaps. Confidence, positivity, excitement, pleasure. That sense of being able to take on the world, of things being right.

Be aware of how that feels inside you, and where you feel those feelings.

Notice what you’re doing, thinking or saying.

Feel how you’re holding your body, your head, what your expression looks and feels like.

Bring all these feelings and sensations to the fore.  ‘Turn up the volume’ on them, so they are as real and powerful as they can be.

Enjoy those positive feelings.

Now bring yourself back to the present, to the here-and-now.

Being You at Your Best

You now have within you the power to use this whenever you need to.  Whenever, perhaps, you don’t feel your best, and really want or need to.

Your visualisation above was just your imagination. Your mind remembering.

You have this incredible power over your mind; to use your memories and your body and mind in a way that works for you. It is within your control. You have the power.

So next time you face a situation where you want to be at your best – giving a presentation, perhaps, a difficult conversation, facing pressure and stress – use this to support you.

Breathe. Remember how you are at your best.

Get back into those sensations and feelings.

Hold your head, your body, in the way that means you’re firing on all 4 cylinders.

Go for it!

You can do this. You can be you at your best, whenever you choose.

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