Your Personal Bank Balance

personal bank balanceAs I write this, some of you will be on your holidays.  Fabulous! What a great way of topping up your personal bank balance.

Yet our bank balance looks sick if we only top it up once or twice a year.

Holidays are great for unwinding, seeing new places, building great experiences and memories, and reconnecting with family or friends. But if they are your only nod to topping up your personal bank balance, then you may quickly come unstuck. There is a better way.

Let me explain.

In our rushed, busy, information-laden lives, it’s easy to get stressed or overwhelmed. As a result, we can crave time away just to keep our sanity (and closest relationships)! We lurch from one holiday to another, desperately needing to de-stress, without realising that we are simply surviving, responding to the pressures around us, rather than taking control of our lives, our health and our happiness.

It might suddenly become all too clear that things need to change. We perhaps get very ill, our partner leaves us, or we have a complete breakdown.

Desperate stuff!

But there is another, kinder way.

Topping up your personal bank balance

How about really noticing your personal bank balance before it’s too late?

You see, I firmly believe that we all have what I like to call your Personal Bank Balance.  We arrive with a healthy balance when we’re born.  We know how to get it topped up. For those of us who are lucky enough, it’s simply a case of crying and our parents will feed, change, or cuddle us.

As we get older, we take on more and more responsibilities. Our parents don’t come running. We have jobs to do, money to earn and spend, people to take care of, growing demands on our time and energy.

If we don’t pay attention, our personal bank balance can become depleted.  There’s plenty going out and not enough coming in.

Just like your actual bank balance, if you don’t regularly top it up, you won’t be able to pay the bills.

You cannot pour from an empty cup.

Wise words.

However, if you take the time to regularly – and I mean daily and weekly – notice how your personal bank balance is doing, and what top ups it needs, you can deal with the pressures and challenges in your life.

You can build a healthy pot of energy and resilience that means you can keep giving out.

How to top up your personal bank balance

So what top ups do you need right now?

It might be a holiday. But my guess is, it’s just as likely to be something more basic (and cheaper).

What about:

  • some regular ‘me’ time
  • time off listening to music or reading a good book
  • time in the garden or out in nature
  • healthy food
  • some good, nourishing sleep
  • regular time without phone or electronic device
  • daily meditation or mindfulness
  • exercise in a way that works for you
  • time spent with friends or family
  • fun!

It doesn’t need to be expensive, or take too long. It does need to be regular, though.

Work out what would keep your own bank balance topped up and then take steps to achieve exactly that. Regular top-ups.

Sometimes getting some good, professional support to help you do that, such as coaching, makes all the difference.

Then watch your personal bank balance grow. And watch your personal and professional effectiveness, not to mention your happiness, increase.

Looking after yourself isn’t optional.

It’s absolutely essential if you want to avoid burn-out. And it’s the only sure way of allowing you to continue to give out and cope with the demands of your everyday life.

Oh, and enjoy your holiday too!

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