How I Coach

Elizabeth Juffs coachingI coach you either face to face at my base in Nottingham, or over the phone or online video such as Skype or Zoom, or a mixture of these.  We ‘meet’ usually for up to an hour over a period of a few weeks or months and through exploring your issues we come up with simple steps forward for positive change.

Unsure about telephone or online coaching? So was I until I witnessed the power of this form of coaching at first hand.  Clients report it is just as powerful as face to face coaching and they don’t have the hassle or time and cost of travel.

The great thing about phone/online coaching is that I can coach you wherever you are in the world.  My tip for you when considering coaching is to find the Coach who is the right person for you, wherever they are based, and then decide how to do the coaching.

I’m keen for you to find the method of coaching that works best for you. Start with one method and then move to another if you like.  We can even design a mixture of delivery that works just for you.  Find out more about face to face, telephone and online coaching, then have a go at what feels right for you.