Career Coaching

How Career Change Coaching Can Help You

  • firework accredited career coach elizabeth juffsAre you facing redundancy and want a change of direction yet don’t know what or how?
  • Are you in the wrong job, or considering where you’re heading in life, yet don’t have the confidence to take the next step?
  • Is your organisation making people redundant and you want to support them to identify their career goals and positively take the next step?

Changing careers can be a scary prospect.  You may be feeling bewildered, angry, or simply at a loss to know the best way forward.  Career change coaching is about working with you to understand yourself better so you can find a career or direction you’ll love.  It gives you the opportunity to take a step back, invest in yourself and your future, and build confidence in yourself and clarity in your future direction.

I work with you to:

  • Take a step back and raise self awareness
  • Identify your interests, skills and values
  • Find greater clarity and purpose
  • Discover what’s important so you can make informed decisions
  • Build your confidence , knowledge and skill so you can make your chosen path a reality

How I can work with you

I coach you either face to face at my base in Nottingham, or over the phone or Skype, online via email or a mixture of these. Find out more about:

Face to Face Coaching Telephone Coaching Online Coaching


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