Career Coaching Case Studies

“Time with Elizabeth is an investment everyone should make”

 The following success stories from just a few of my clients will give you a sense of the kind of issues that career coaching can support, how I work, and the end results of the coaching.  The names have been changed to protect the clients’ confidentiality.

 “I discovered what would make me happy”

My stress levels were high with a demanding full-time job, two young children, a wife suffering regular bouts of depression and having just moved house.  My confidence was low and my current job didn’t make me feel a success – nor did my role as a father.  I’d lost sight of where I was going in my life.  I realised I was too hard on myself and needed to make career choices that would bring satisfaction and financial security.

In the coaching we looked at what made me feel fulfilled and how I could start to bring this into my work life. I learnt that my expectations of myself were totally unrealistic and just added to my negative feelings.  With Elizabeth’s help I discovered how to make my expectations of myself more realistic so I could begin to feel a success again.  Elizabeth helped me tackle my fears so I could overcome my procrastination and start to take some positive steps with my career.

I began to feel much more positive about myself and about my life, because I was doing something to improve things.  My relationships grew stronger, and I got on top of my finances for the first time.  After years of being unhappy in my job, I’d discovered what would make me happy, and gained the confidence to find a new career as a special needs teacher.

I have very much valued working with Elizabeth – the sessions have been excellent.  I value her combination of kindness and sympathy and straight-forwardness.  I could never have imagined feeling this empowered and this me or making so much progress in so little time.  I gained the confidence to start out on a new path in my life which I am finding scary, challenging and immensely rewarding. I can’t believe what I’ve achieved!

Chris, Teacher

“It’s made a huge difference”

I started coaching because it was time for a change in career.  I was not happy in my job and needed guidance on what direction to take.  It was also just as much about confidence to make a change – to get out there and grab a new opportunity.

I found it fantastic being able to talk openly with someone independent, non-judgemental and supportive, who helped me to search inside myself for answers.  The coaching made me focus on which direction I wanted to take and to regain my self confidence and self belief.

We did some work on discovering my skills and strengths and what would make a good career for me, along with reviewing my CV and ideas for getting work.  But the most important work was around building me up again.

I realised how low I had become and the coaching helped me focus again and start believing in myself and my ability.  I could not have moved forward with my career without this important work.  It’s helped me get back on track again and I can now get out there, sell myself and find the right work for me.  It’s made a huge difference.  I feel like a different woman!

Caroline, Estates Management

“Discovered what’s important to me professionally”

Although I felt a success business-wise, I needed help to get out of a job I hated, to feel more positive and build better relationships with my wife and family.  I’d tried career coaching but I still didn’t know where I was heading – I was still searching for a clear sense of purpose. My self-belief was low and I felt stuck personally and professionally.  I needed something that helped me understand myself better, to know where I was going and to learn to like myself and enjoy life again.

Elizabeth’s coaching gave me the time and space to think through issues and come up with solutions.  She helped me discover who I am, rebuilding my relationship with both myself and my wife.  We worked on discovering what’s important to me professionally and I was inspired to take some positive action towards a new career, instead of procrastinating.  Elizabeth helped with practical solutions such as upgrading my CV, identifying my skills and interests, and best practice in job applications and interviews.

As a result of Elizabeth’s coaching I feel more confident and self-assured – a much better place from which to be applying for and finding a new job.  I find it easier to think more positively and the fun has started to come back into my life.  I feel much more focused and enthused.  I’m much clearer about what I’m looking for professionally.  I’ve been able to put together a checklist of career criteria which is in tune with not just my technical skills but also the way I am wired.  I understand myself much better and have learnt to ‘get out of my own way’ so I can achieve things I want to achieve.

Elizabeth provides an excellent service and is a highly personable and effective coach. Her friendly but always professional manner puts the client instantly at ease and she has the ability to quickly and insightfully zero in on the heart of the issue under discussion. These skills coupled with the perspective of being an impartial outside observer, make her an invaluable aid to untangling seemingly intractable problems into more simple and easy to understand components, which she is then able to provide simple and effective strategies to deal with. I would strongly recommend Elizabeth to anybody seeking help to deal with personal or professional issues.

Ged, Company Director

“Found a life that is rewarding”

Liz came into my life during a period of uncertainty coupled with incredible insecurity.  My self-esteem was at such a low point that I had very little belief that I had what it took to take control of my own destiny.

It was an amazing feeling to not only have someone coach me through my obstacles, but to also come across as a friend who genuinely cares.  Through weekly meetings of tears and banter followed by ‘homework’, Liz helped me to find the “wonderful me” that I never believed existed.  I was able to look at myself honestly from a place of safety, gain in confidence and tackle changes with less fear and worry about what people think of me.

I transitioned into one career that I had thought I would be well suited. With Liz’s guidance and ever-present support, I abandoned it because I realised that there is no need to settle for anything less than what makes you happy.

Whilst our time together ceased, Liz’s voice and words of wisdom have resonated with me throughout more considerable changes.  I found the confidence to embark on yet another career and have found a life for myself that is rewarding and where I can now help others through their changes in health and fitness.

There are few words that can express my gratitude for all that Liz helped me with.  Sure I have moments of insecurity, but they are few and far between and I now have the tools to get past them.

Angie, Personal Trainer

“I achieved everything I set out to”

I wanted to move to part-time work and was ready for a change in direction, but didn’t know what to or how to achieve this.  I felt stuck and anchorless.

Elizabeth helped me discover my options and what direction might work for me; to go for what I want rather than feel stuck through thinking of what I don’t want  She guided me through how to sell myself and show myself and the best light at interview.

The coaching helped me realise that I needed to be choosy.  It encouraged my confidence, gave me the confidence that my ideas were correct, and put me back in control of my life.  I achieved everything I set out to.  I now have one small job and several job opportunities in the pipeline.  Elizabeth has a lovely, relaxing style and made me feel welcome and special.

Patricia, Nursery Nurse

“I would never have believed it possible”

It is now a few years since I came to Elizabeth for help and I cannot believe that I am where I am now.  I really would never have believed it possible.

Following a big expansion at work I have now been promoted to the post of Finance Director for what is now a rapidly growing company.

I do get freaked out occasionally and the old Imposter Syndrome kicks in for a few seconds, and then I get a grip and get on with it! Not everything has gone smoothly but it is a long time since I have had to live with the feeling of constant panic that was once a mainstay of my life.  I am not getting carried away thought – it is a big job and I am trying to keep my head screwed on and make sensible decisions, something Elizabeth skilled me up to do (and the To Do list is massive).

I really wanted to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I look back now and it is my belief that I was on the edge of a nervous breakdown and Elizabeth stopped me from crossing that line and sent me away better and stronger! I will never forget how much she helped me.

Claire, Finance Director