Group workshops for pupils

Professional, tailor-made workshops for pupils delivered in a coaching style to maximise interaction and personal learning.

Who are the workshops for?

The workshops are ideal for pupils who are capable of more but not making the most of themselves, perhaps because they lack support at home, need greater self-confidence or are vulnerable.  The benefits are maximised when there is significant commitment to the work from both the pupil and the school, so the student is ready to make positive changes and the school is familiar with, and can build on the work undertaken in the workshops.

What do the workshops cover?

The focus of each workshop is tailor-made to the school and its pupils. Themes may include confidence and self-belief, goal-setting and achievement, dealing with fears, time management and personal organisation, managing stress.  Pupils will produce an action plan as part of the initial workshop to help practise and embed their learning. Each workshop includes a follow-up session around 4 weeks later, to check and maintain progress.

Potential Benefits

The workshops raise self-awareness, develop confidence, and prompt action.

For the young person – opportunity to talk in a safe, confidential (to the group) environment, sharing fears and barriers to success with fellow students, mutual solution-finding, along with professional input on approaches that work.

For the school – empowered pupils who are more motivated and better able to deal with the challenges that school, and life, throws them.  Ultimately higher grades in exams, and greater achievements in Ofsted and the league tables.

Recommended programme

One two-hour workshop for up to 10 pupils on a theme.  Theme and proposed outcomes to be agreed with teacher or headteacher at a pre-workshop discussion.

One follow-up session 3 to 4 weeks later to check progress and agree action points for further learning.


  • Pre-meeting/discussion to agree workshop theme and proposed outcomes – no charge
  • Initial workshop  (up to 2 hours) for up to 10 pupils £250
  • Follow-up workshop (up to 2 hours) for up to 10 pupils £250

Travel expenses £50 per hour (pro rata) for half an hour and above

Contact me to discuss your specific requirements or phone me on 0115 925 2552