One to one life coaching for pupils

High-level, tailor-made coaching for individual pupils over a minimum period of 6 weeks, to enable long-term, lasting change to behaviours, attitudes and aspirations.

This professional, outside support allows the young person to be really heard, to share their fears and concerns, to develop confidence, sort out their own problems, and become the best they can be.

Who is this programme for?

The coaching is targeted at pupils who are capable of more but not making the most of themselves, perhaps because they lack support at home, need greater self-confidence or are vulnerable.  The programme works best where there is significant commitment to the work from both the pupil and the school.

Potential Benefits

The programme raises self-awareness, develops confidence, prompts action and builds a success culture.

For the young person – increased self belief, raised aspirations, greater focus, personal responsibility and personal effectiveness.  S/he will be listened to in a safe, non-judgemental environment by a professional, DBS-checked coach and experienced teacher. Through the coaching, s/he will be encouraged to greater confidence, and given the opportunity reach their full potential academically, socially, and emotionally.

For the school – improved behaviour/attitude of pupils, greater focus and motivation in lessons and homework.  Ultimately higher grades in exams, and greater achievements in Ofsted and the league tables.

Recommended programme

I recommend an initial day of 30 minute individual assessment meetings for up to 10 pupils to identify needs, check ‘chemistry’ between myself and your student, and ensure that the pupil is committed to the coaching. In discussion with the staff, pupils will then be chosen to take part in the coaching programme.

A six-week period of individual coaching sessions will be given to identified pupils, starting as soon as possible after the initial assessment.  A coaching day (or half day) will be held either weekly or fortnightly, with email follow-up in between as required.


The programme requires an investment by the school in time and money, with significant long-term benefits for individuals and for the school.

  • Full day assessment for up to 10 pupils £500
  • Discussion with staff following initial assessment – no charge
  • Full day individual coaching for up to 5 pupils (45 minutes each) £500
  • Half day individual coaching for up to 3 pupils  (45 minutes each) £350

Travel expenses £50 per hour (pro rata) from half and hour and above

Contact me to discuss your specific requirements or phone me on 0115 925 2552