Leadership coaching for school leaders

High-level, independent, tailor-made leadership coaching for school leaders delivered by experienced teacher and Accredited Professional Coach Elizabeth Juffs.

This professional one-to-one support assists senior school staff to greater confidence, focused leadership and personal and organisational effectiveness.

Who is this programme for?

The coaching is targeted at senior leaders in schools especially those relatively new in post.  As a Headteacher, Deputy Headteacher, or school leader you have increased demands on your time, energy and stress levels. You may feel isolated and would benefit from impartial, professional support as a sounding board and catalyst for positive change.

Potential Benefits

Investing in your leadership and wellbeing can have the single most powerful impact on the effectiveness and success of your school.  Tailor-made professional coaching creates personal learning, inspires positive change, raises self-awareness, develops confidence, lowers stress, and builds a success culture.

For you – increased self awareness and self belief, lowered stress, greater focus, and personal effectiveness.  You will be listened to in a safe, non-judgemental environment by a professional coach. Together, you will be helped to greater confidence, encouraged to further develop skills and leadership capacity, and given the opportunity to reach your personal and professional best.

For your school – greater organisational effectiveness, improved teaching and learning, better relationships, and a more positive, ‘can do’ culture.  Ultimately this personal and professional development can lead to higher grades in exams, Ofsted and the league tables.

Recommended programme

We start with an exploratory meeting or conversation, without obligation, between yourself, the headteacher where appropriate, and the coach. This establishes individual and organisational needs, raises any confidentiality issues and allows you to ask any questions.

Face to face coaching sessions at my Nottingham base, at the school, over the telephone, or online via video link, typically 2 times per month for a minimum of 3 months. Sessions take place during the normal working day.  Each session will have a clear focus to explore particular issues, to identify practical steps to overcome any obstacles and to achieve goals.   The sessions are confidential between the coach and each individual. Session details are only shared with other members of the organisation with the express approval of the individual being coached.

If requested a review session between the individual, the headteacher (if appropriate) and myself is held. We will assess progress, ensure the coaching is on track and achieving benefits for the individual and the school, and agree any further support that is required.

Your investment

The programme requires an investment by the school in time and money, with significant long-term benefits for the individual and for the school.

  • Exploratory meeting – no charge
  • Termly programme – 5 face to face or phone sessions of up to one hour £750
  • Review session – (up to 1.5 hours) £150

Travel expenses £50 per hour (pro rata) from half an hour and above


It is important to me that you and your school gains maximum value from the coaching.  During the coaching please let me know if you are not happy with the coaching at any time.  If we cannot resolve things to complete satisfaction, I will happily refund all fees for any unused sessions, and the programme can be stopped.

Contact me to discuss your specific requirements or phone me on 0115 925 2552