Confidence Coaching Case Studies

“Time with Elizabeth is an investment everyone should make”

The following success stories from just a few of my clients will give you a sense of the kind of issues that confidence coaching can support, how I work, and the end results of the coaching.  The names have been changed to protect the clients’ confidentiality.

 “I am stronger now than I have ever been”

Five sessions into the coaching and I have seen a massive difference in myself already.  Others have too. Liz is bringing out in me what I already knew about myself, but being scared of my own shadow has meant that it has stayed hidden for so long.

There have been so many little things that I have achieved, like being more positive and not beating myself up over things. I think my general outlook on life is getting better as well. I am becoming better at expressing myself and how I feel.

I have thoroughly enjoyed coaching with Liz – she is easy to talk to and listen to and I like her challenging approach. She turns things around so I can see them in a different, more positive light which has proven to be effective. Whilst she encourages me to listen to my inner cheerleader, it is nice to know that she is also cheer leading for me – that is very evident in her approach. That is just what I need right now – someone who is completely on my side, not necessarily agreeing with me but wants me to find the right answers. Someone in my corner.

Liz is an amazingly positive, genuine person. At no point have I been made to feel ‘silly’ about what I am talking about. She has very much communicated that she wants to help me which in itself has helped me start climbing out of my negative spiral.

I have already learnt so much and I am so different from the person I was when I started coaching.  I am stronger now than I have ever been. I know now that the rest of my life will be different, and that makes me feel proud and excited.

Suzanne, Midwife

“My life turned around”

I went to Elizabeth for coaching because I’d been to a couple of her talks, both of which had been excellent.  I didn’t have much confidence and I had hit a period of real self-doubt.  I felt really tired, and wasn’t really sleeping properly because of feeling stressed.  I was frustrated and unfulfilled at work.  I wanted to have better control over my life and find out where I was going.

Elizabeth helped me get to know the good in me again.  I started to like myself again and began to see myself in a different light.  She helped me get started with things I’d been putting off by taking small steps instead of trying to take giant ones.  I was making life-changing decisions and having the confidence to see them through. I started to really listen to my body and began to relax more and take life a bit less seriously.

In just a few weeks my life turned around.  I found the confidence to go for a new job and was accepted.  I even went out on a first date.  Both things were major achievements for me – as was going through with them rather than bottling out.  I can’t quite believe what’s happened to me – think sometimes I’m dreaming all this.  But I know it’s for real.

I’ve made such huge steps in the last few weeks.  I’ve realised I’ve got a choice to make – I can stay as I was or I can push my comfort zone and take some positive action.  With Elizabeth’s help I chose the latter.  You’ve got to do it, not just think about it.

Jack, Engineer

 “I feel self-assured and positive”

My confidence had really taken a knock and I had major stressful events in my life to deal with.  I’d been off work for a while with stress and sometimes even the smallest task felt like a huge challenge.  My job was stressful and pressured.  I often felt a failure both at home and at work.  I seemed to have reached a mid-life crisis.  Years of putting my now grown-up children first, making a success of my career, and getting bogged down with everyday tasks left me feeling I’d lost my way.  My needs didn’t get a look in.

Then I started coaching with Elizabeth.  She helped me to simplify my life so things felt easier and more relaxed.  We looked at how far my life reflected what’s important to me.  We also looked at how I used my time and how I could reduce the time spent on tasks.  My self-belief and confidence began to return and she taught me how to think more positively.

Elizabeth’s coaching helped me to like myself again, and my confidence was a thousand times better.  I began to take notice of my own needs and I feel so much happier.  My relationship with my husband improved, and I even gained a promotion at work.

I have made monumental progress and feel absolutely brilliant!  I feel more self-assured and positive.  I like myself more and the fun has started to come back into my life.  I feel in control of my own life again.  I have more time and confidence.  I’m living the ‘real me’.


 “I feel much more positive and relaxed”

When I started coaching I was feeling overwhelmed, negative, and, although many might not guess this, lacking confidence in myself, particularly in work situations.

Through the coaching I realised I set incredibly high expectations which were often impossible to achieve, and that I found it hard to notice anything positive about myself. I was also wrapped up in being ‘nice and polite’ rather than relaxing and really engaging with others.   I wasn’t very organised with my work, and was an expert in procrastination, not starting something rather than risking a less than 100% job of it.

The coaching has been a really positive process.  I gained awareness of what I’m doing, where I’m going wrong, and I’m more able to do something about it.  I have the tools now to deal with situations confidently and calmly.  I’ve realised that saying ‘no’ can be an achievement.  It puts me in control of my workload and gives me choices of what to do.

I’ve gained in respect for myself and from others.  I have changed my own expectations of myself and those of others.  I’ve stopped blaming myself for when things go wrong, and feel much more positive and relaxed about things.  I’ve realised it’s possible to change your own behaviour and others’ perceptions of you in a very short time.  I’m feeling in control now, which is brilliant and have confidence in situations where previously I was inwardly very anxious.   I had thought of stopping coaching, but I’m continuing because I’m getting so much out of it.

Amanda, Senior Lecturer

“Helping me focus on what’s important to me”

I decided to get some coaching because I’d had depression and still felt exhausted, mainly through the pressure and culture at work.  I needed advice about my work-life balance because work had taken over my life, and help making major career decisions.  My confidence had taken a real shaking and I wanted to have fun and enjoy life again.  I was desperate for help in sorting out my life.

Elizabeth helped me get to know who I was again and learn to like myself and believe in myself again.  I learnt to plan my work time and my ‘fun’ time so I could find space for both aspects of my life.  We also worked on how to say ‘no’ so I was no longer being dumped on, and how to communicate more effectively and assertively at home and work.

For the first time in my life I’m looking after myself.   I now have more energy, and I’m planning my time so I can enjoy my relationships and some relaxation.  I’m starting to stand up for myself at work, to say ‘no’ and not feel guilty, and still feel successful.  My confidence has really grown.  I’m starting to actually live my life reflecting what’s important to me.

This has given me a really positive approach to life.  I feel I’ve achieved so much.  Coaching gave me the confidence to get what I believe in.  I was able to express myself freely without being judged, felt someone really understood my problems, and was able to put something positive into action rather than just identifying the problem.


“I would never have believed it possible”

It is now a few years since I came to Elizabeth for help and I cannot believe that I am where I am now. I really would never have believed it possible.

Following a big expansion at work I have now been promoted to the post of Finance Director for what is now a rapidly growing company.

I do get freaked out occasionally and the old Imposter Syndrome kicks in for a few seconds, and then I get a grip and get on with it! Not everything has gone smoothly but it is a long time since I have had to live with the feeling of constant panic that was once a mainstay of my life. I am not getting carried away thought – it is a big job and I am trying to keep my head screwed on and make sensible decisions, something Elizabeth skilled me up to do (and the To Do list is massive).

I really wanted to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I look back now and it is my belief that I was on the edge of a nervous breakdown and Elizabeth stopped me from crossing that line and sent me away better and stronger! I will never forget how much she helped me.

Claire, Finance Director