Executive Life Coaching

How Executive Life Coaching Can Help You and Your Organisation

  • Are you finding your feet in a new role, working towards a promotion, or needing extra confidence, so you can achieve your full potential?
  • Is stress or lack of time making your professional or personal life difficult?
  • Do you need a confidential and impartial sounding board to uncover what’s limiting you or help you be your best?

Then executive life coaching could be the best solution to help you get back in the driving seat and build personal and organisational success.  I work with individuals in companies, to help them remove the barriers to personal and professional success.  As a result they become more effective, better communicators and leaders, with a greater sense of self-confidence and purpose.

A tailor-made performance coaching programme will help you to:

  • Think strategically and manage proactively
  • Boost resilience and put you back in control
  • Develop leadership and management skills
  • Deal effectively with change
  • Set and achieve goals
  • Build confidence in your abilities
  • Understand and manage stress
  • Develop more effective relationships
  • Improve focus, motivation and work-life balance
  • Strengthen your health and wellbeing
  • Reach optimum performance

Support for people in organisations includes Individual Coaching, Group Workshops and Monthly Wellbeing Surgeries

Ask also about my Leadership Coaching programmes for busy leaders and aspiring leaders – to enable you to feel confident and effective in your role and in your transition into a leadership role.  

Why Invest in Executive Life Coaching?

Executive coaching for leaders and managers is an incredibly powerful personal development tool.  Through one to one, bespoke, professional coaching you can achieve significant results and long-term powerful change.  It can benefit both you and the organisation as a whole, resulting in greater motivation, capability and confidence.

The Boorman Review (2009) reported that organisations which prioritise staff health and wellbeing performed better overall, had improved customer satisfaction, higher staff retention and lower sickness absence rates.

Increased productivity, morale and positivity as a result of coaching brings direct and tangible benefits and supports the health and wellbeing of staff.
Anne Whateley, Director of Quality and Performance, NHS

Some well-respected studies show an average return on investment (ROI) in coaching of upwards of 500%. Two particular research studies include the Manchester Review (2001) which reported an average 5.7 times ROI and the MetrixGlobal study which showed a 529% ROI along with significant intangible benefits.  I want you and your organisation to enjoy these tangible and intangible benefits too.

My approach is holistic and completely different from other training and development opportunities.  My focus is on the individual and their whole life, tailoring the coaching to individual needs and challenges. This leads to personal and professional success, with an impact on both the person and the organisation.

I also offer a range of tailor-made workshops and monthly wellbeing surgeries to companies and organisations on themes such as work-life balance, stress management, boosting confidence to help your people become much more effective in the workplace.

What’s your next step?

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