Individual Executive Coaching


  • Tailor-made individual executive coaching programme focusing on specific needs
  • Independent, impartial and confidential sounding board
  • Powerful, effective means of achieving positive change
  • Increased awareness, confidence, wellbeing and effectiveness
  • Greater personal and professional success
  • Improved personal and professional relationships

What does your Coach bring?

  • Accreditation from the UK’s professional body, the Association for Coaching (AC)
  • Long-term AC membership and adherence to their code of ethics
  • Successful coaching of senior leaders e.g. MDs, Directors, academic and school leaders, senior teachers and professionals
  • Awareness-raising of ingrained patterns of behaviour
  • Challenge to unhelpful perspectives and thinking
  • Safe space to discuss confidential issues
  • Professional listening and powerful questioning

How individual executive coaching works

Exploratory meeting and coaching set-up

An exploratory conversation with the person to be coached is set up to discuss their challenges and the changes they’d like to make.  There may also be a conversation with their line manager or sponsor to discuss their expectations.  These conversations are at no cost to you.  Where appropriate we then have a 3-way meeting to include the person to be coached and their line manager and/or the HR manager. This meeting is to clarify expectations and roles for the coaching, establish individual and organisational needs, agree confidentiality and ask any questions.  The meeting is without obligation.  If I feel able to provide the right coaching for you and your organisation, and you feel I am the right coach, we will agree a clear contract to include confidentiality, objectives, process and costs.

Coaching sessions

Once payment has been made, I meet with each individual face to face either at my Nottingham base, at their organisation (travel costs apply), over the telephone, or online via video link. Sessions take place during the normal working day usually 3 times per month for up to one hour. The first session is to finalise the goals and success measures for the coaching in line with the objectives discussed and to establish our working relationship.  Each session then explores challenges, opportunities and goals, and identifies practical steps to overcome obstacles and achieve success. The participant will have work to do between sessions to help them gain maximum value from the coaching.  The sessions are confidential between the coach and each individual – the only sharing of session details with other members of the organisation is with the express approval of the individual being coached.

Review sessions

At or towards the end of the coaching the participant and I review their achievements and agree any action plan for the future.  Often a 3-way meeting is held to discuss progress against objectives and check value from the coaching for the client and the organisation. Any additional support can be identified at this point.  Further review sessions can be held at any time, with the agreement of the client, organisation and coach.

Your investment

The sessions are invoiced and paid for in advance.

3-month programme – up to 3 x coaching sessions per month for 3 months £2500

6-month programme – up to 3 x coaching sessions per month for 6 months £4500

Annual ‘all you can eat’ programme within a 12-month period £6000

3-way meeting £250

Travel expenses charged at £50/hour (pro rata) from half an hour and above

Not-for-profit sector 3-month programme £1500


It is important to me that you and your organisation gains maximum value from the coaching.  During the coaching please let me know if anyone is not happy about the coaching at any time.  If we cannot resolve things to complete satisfaction, I will happily refund all fees for any unused sessions

Contact me  for further details or phone me on 0115 925 2552.