Personal Coaching Case Studies

“Time with Elizabeth is an investment everyone should make”

The following success stories from just a few of my clients will give you a sense of the kind of issues that coaching can support, how I work, and the end results of the coaching.  The names have been changed to protect the clients’ confidentiality.

“The quality of my life is 120% better”

I’d lost confidence due to being overweight, didn’t like myself much, and didn’t know where I was going professionally.  I was also suffering from burn-out from a stressful career and wanted to get the fun back into my life.

The coaching helped me to identify the key issues and obstacles for me and gave me strategies for addressing them.  I discovered that the knowledge of what I need to do is within me – it just helped me bring that out.

During the coaching I lost nearly 3 stone in weight.  I now feel much more positive and confident – my self esteem is back.  I am more relaxed, and have achieved major milestones at home and at work.   What’s more, I’ve learnt to like myself and have fun.

It’s been a fantastic journey – it’s enhanced my life in so many ways.  I feel the most comfortable I’ve ever felt.  And the effect has rippled out to my family, friends and colleagues too – all my relationships have improved and their lives have been touched positively by Elizabeth and her work.  I’ve even had the time and focus to support my husband through a major work crisis – and he’s grown as a result, too.

The quality of my life is 120% better than when I started my coaching sessions.  Coaching has been an inspiration for me and has finally made me realise that I am special and fun to be with.  I can smile again and now look forward to each day and the challenges that life brings. 

Fiona, Development Agency Policy Advisor

 “I’m healthier and wealthier”

Before I worked with Elizabeth my life was in chaos.  Years of bringing up children and working full-time as a manager meant I’d been so busy I felt as though I’d ‘lost myself’.  My confidence was at an all-time low point, along with my energy and zest for life, and I never seemed to have space for the things I wanted to do.

Elizabeth helped me to recognise the importance of finding time for myself, and helped me work out how I could fit this into my busy schedule.  What was surprising was that the time spent on myself actually added to my effectiveness at work and with others.  She motivated me to start some regular exercise – I excelled at procrastination – and helped me change my eating and shopping habits so I was eating more healthily.  Over a period of a few weeks I could feel my energy levels and motivation returning and I started to feel my stress levels fall. My self confidence began to reappear, I found time for things like visiting the gym, and I shed a few excess pounds.  I felt in charge of things once more, my mind felt clearer and calmer, and I was able to get on with things I’d been putting off.  I learnt simple ideas for becoming more organised and I discovered how to set a budget and actually stick to it for once.

Now I have loads of energy and I’m brimming with confidence.  I feel calmer and less stressed.  Even my partner is happier.  I’ve reduced the time I spent on chores by more than 3 hours a week and am making time for myself at last.  The work we put in on sorting my personal finances resulted in me saving £500 per month!

Sue, Women’s Drug Service Manager

“There is so much more in my power than I thought”

I knew that things needed to change. Despite having a responsible job, I felt afraid of what other people thought and struggled to take tough decisions.  My life was stressful, too busy, and I had forgotten how to enjoy myself.  I wanted to become a confident, positive leader in my professional life and to live life more fully.

Elizabeth helped me look at what was important to me and how to make my priorities reflect that.  She showed me some practical time and diary management techniques which helped me use my time better and feel less stressed.  I learnt how to deal assertively with others, how to face and challenge my own fears and assumptions, and how to set realistic expectations of myself.  I discovered how to be the real me and how balancing my life better meant I could achieve better.

Through the coaching I’ve taken control of my diary, which means I have time for my professional commitments and my personal life.  I’ve learnt to stand up to others and to say ‘no’ without losing their respect or allowing guilt to take over. I am now able to lead others positively at work, and have the fun back in my life.

This has been really important.  There is so much more in my power than I thought.  Elizabeth’s coaching has helped me lead a much more effective and fulfilled life.  I feel more in control of my life and more able to find the solutions I need.  I feel resourced for my journey.  I feel greatly affirmed as a person.  Above all I have been listened to, taken seriously and helped by someone who knows how to hear and respond.

Charles, Church Leader

“Discovered what’s important to me professionally”

Although I felt a success business-wise, I needed help to get out of a job I hated, to feel more positive and build better relationships with my wife and family.  I’d tried career coaching but I still didn’t know where I was heading – I was still searching for a clear sense of purpose. My self-belief was low and I felt stuck personally and professionally.  I needed something that helped me understand myself better, to know where I was going and to learn to like myself and enjoy life again.

Elizabeth’s coaching gave me the time and space to think through issues and come up with solutions.  She helped me discover who I am, rebuilding my relationship with both myself and my wife.  We worked on discovering what’s important to me professionally and I was inspired to take some positive action towards a new career, instead of procrastinating.  Elizabeth helped with practical solutions such as upgrading my CV, identifying my skills and interests, and best practice in job applications and interviews.

As a result of Elizabeth’s coaching I feel more confident and self-assured – a much better place from which to be applying for and finding a new job.  I find it easier to think more positively and the fun has started to come back into my life.  I feel much more focused and enthused.  I’m much clearer about what I’m looking for professionally.  I have been able to put together a checklist of career criteria which is in tune with not just my technical skills but also the way I am wired.  I understand myself much better and have learnt to ‘get out of my own way’ so I can achieve things I want to achieve.

Elizabeth provides an excellent service and is a highly personable and effective coach. Her friendly but always professional manner puts the client instantly at ease and she has the ability to quickly and insightfully zero in on the heart of the issue under discussion. These skills coupled with the perspective of being an impartial outside observer, make her an invaluable aid to untangling seemingly intractable problems into more simple and easy to understand components, which she is then able to provide simple and effective strategies to deal with. I would strongly recommend Elizabeth to anybody seeking help to deal with personal or professional issues.

 Ged, Company Director

“I am stronger now than I have ever been”

Five sessions into the coaching and I have seen a massive difference in myself already.  Others have too. Liz is bringing out in me what I already knew about myself, but being scared of my own shadow has meant that it has stayed hidden for so long.

There have been so many little things that I have achieved, like being more positive and not beating myself up over things. I think my general outlook on life is getting better as well. I am becoming better at expressing myself and how I feel.

I have thoroughly enjoyed coaching with Liz – she is easy to talk to and listen to and I like her challenging approach. She turns things around so I can see them in a different, more positive light which has proven to be effective. Whilst she encourages me to listen to my inner cheerleader, it is nice to know that she is also cheer leading for me – that is very evident in her approach. That is just what I need right now – someone who is completely on my side, not necessarily agreeing with me but wants me to find the right answers. Someone in my corner.

Liz is an amazingly positive, genuine person. At no point have I been made to feel ‘silly’ about what I am talking about. She has very much communicated that she wants to help me which in itself has helped me start climbing out of my negative spiral.

I have already learnt so much and I am so different from the person I was when I started coaching.  I am stronger now than I have ever been. I know now that the rest of my life will be different, and that makes me feel proud and excited.

Suzanne, Midwife