Stress and Life Balance Coaching Case Studies

“Time with Elizabeth is an investment everyone should make”

 The following success stories from just a few of my clients will give you a sense of the kind of issues that stress and life balance coaching can support, how I work, and the end results of the coaching.  The names have been changed to protect the clients’ confidentiality.

“Feeling calmer, more positive and in control”

I was feeling I was failing in every aspect of my life – as a career woman and with my family and home life.   I never seemed to get the balance right. Holidays were a juggle, my husband and I were constantly ‘passing the baton’ over parenting our children and rarely seeing each other, and work was taking over my life.

I wanted to feel less stressed, more in control of my work and enjoying both work and family again.  I had a responsible job which I was good at and enjoyed but it was overwhelming me. The only way out seemed to be to leave my job and become a full-time Mum (which I privately dreaded).

I can’t believe how useful I found it having the opportunity to talk and think things through. Elizabeth quickly helped me put my professional challenges in perspective and learn to take small steps towards making my life easier.   Straight away she was able to hone in on the sources of my stress and give me strategies for dealing with them.

Elizabeth taught me simple relaxation techniques that I was able to put into practice to help me feel calmer.  She helped me identify the things I was doing to contribute to my stress. I learnt how to change my habits, overcome my limiting beliefs and take control so I minimised the stress I was under.

I began planning my work better, setting myself realistic goals, delegating where appropriate and learnt to say ‘no’.  Elizabeth helped me deal with my nerves over giving presentations and for the first time I was able to give an important presentation well. I’ve never had so many people say positive things about a presentation.

I started sleeping better and for the first time ever I was able to relax when we went away on holiday.  I was feeling calmer, more positive and in control and found I was still achieving at least as much as before.  This was a different world from the one I’d been living and it felt good!

I’ve had to put in some hard work over the coaching – it’s not easy changing habits that you’ve engrained over years or even since childhood.  But it’s all been worth the effort – I can’t believe what a difference this makes.  I’m getting so much out of the coaching.  It’s worth every penny.

Fran, Senior Accountant

“I’m healthier and wealthier”

Before I worked with Elizabeth my life was in chaos.  Years of bringing up children and working full-time as a manager meant I’d been so busy I felt as though I’d ‘lost myself’.  My confidence was at an all-time low point, along with my energy and zest for life, and I never seemed to have space for the things I wanted to do.

Elizabeth helped me to recognise the importance of finding time for myself, and helped me work out how I could fit this into my busy schedule.  What was surprising was that the time spent on myself actually added to my effectiveness at work and with others.  She motivated me to start some regular exercise – I excelled at procrastination – and helped me change my eating and shopping habits so I was eating more healthily.

Over a period of a few weeks I could feel my energy levels and motivation returning and I started to feel my stress levels fall. My self confidence began to reappear, I found time for things like visiting the gym, and I shed a few excess pounds.  I felt in charge of things once more, my mind felt clearer and calmer, and I was able to get on with things I’d been putting off.  I learnt simple ideas for becoming more organised and I discovered how to set a budget and actually stick to it for once.

Now I have loads of energy and I’m brimming with confidence.  I feel calmer and less stressed.  Even my partner is happier.  I’ve reduced the time I spent on chores by more than 3 hours a week and am making time for myself at last.  The work we put in on sorting my personal finances resulted in me saving £500 per month!

Sue, Women’s Drug Service Manager

 “Helping me focus on what’s important to me”

I decided to get some coaching because I’d had depression and still felt exhausted, mainly through the pressure and culture at work.  I needed advice about my work-life balance because work had taken over my life, and help making major career decisions.  My confidence had taken a real shaking and I wanted to have fun and enjoy life again.  I was desperate for help in sorting out my life.

Elizabeth helped me get to know who I was again and learn to like myself and believe in myself again.  I learnt to plan my work time and my ‘fun’ time so I could find space for both aspects of my life.  We also worked on how to say ‘no’ so I was no longer being dumped on, and how to communicate more effectively and assertively at home and work.

For the first time in my life I’m looking after myself.   I now have more energy, and I’m planning my time so I can enjoy my relationships and some relaxation.  I’m starting to stand up for myself at work, to say ‘no’ and not feel guilty, and still feel successful.  My confidence has really grown.  I’m starting to actually live my life reflecting what’s important to me.

This has given me a really positive approach to life.  I feel I’ve achieved so much.  Coaching gave me the confidence to get what I believe in.  I was able to express myself freely without being judged, felt someone really understood my problems. I was able to put something positive into action rather than just identifying the problem.


 “The quality of my life is 120% better”

I’d lost confidence due to being overweight, didn’t like myself much, and didn’t know where I was going professionally.  I was also suffering from burn-out from a stressful career and wanted to get the fun back into my life.

The coaching helped me to identify the key issues and obstacles for me and gave me strategies for addressing them.  I discovered that the knowledge of what I need to do is within me – it just helped me bring that out.

During the coaching I lost nearly 3 stone in weight.  I now feel much more positive and confident – my self esteem is back.  I am more relaxed, and have achieved major milestones at home and at work.   What’s more, I’ve learnt to like myself and have fun.

It’s been a fantastic journey – it’s enhanced my life in so many ways.  I feel the most comfortable I’ve ever felt.  And the effect has rippled out to my family, friends and colleagues too – all my relationships have improved and their lives have been touched positively by Elizabeth and her work.  I’ve even had the time and focus to support my husband through a major work crisis – and he’s grown as a result, too.

The quality of my life is 120% better than when I started my coaching sessions.  Coaching has been an inspiration for me and has finally made me realise that I am special and fun to be with.  I can smile again and now look forward to each day and the challenges that life brings. 

Fiona, Development Agency Policy Advisor

“Form my thoughts and make important decisions”

As MD of a busy internet solutions company, I sought help because I recognised that stress was having a negative impact on myself and others in the management team, both personally and professionally.  How we were operating was unsustainable – I’d been off for 2 weeks because I’d worked myself into the ground.  I wanted to get the management team back on track and working fully effectively again – firing on all four cylinders if you like – so we could improve the productivity of the company.  I also wanted help with the transition of the staff into a new team structure.

During the time Elizabeth worked with me and the management team, we made significant improvements to the team structure and the way we worked including increasing the management team and growing the company.  My managers became more focused at work, better at managing their time and communicating and started to look after themselves better.

It was really helpful to get an outside view, have someone to listen and bounce ideas off so I could fully form my thoughts and make some important decisions.  I found more time for myself and my partner and spent less time out of work on work things.  I was able to take better control of things, become more effective as a leader, build on my strengths in the company and develop much better working relationships.  Through this professional development I was able to look at medium and long-term term plans rather than, as we had been, just fire-fighting to limit damage.  I even found time to get married!

The coaching has really worked – it’s been a very positive experience. 

Richard, Company MD