Who Is Your Gremlin?

I had a client whose ‘gremlin’ sat on her shoulder, koala-like, digging its sharp claws into her skin and whispering endless put-downs to her. “You won’t be able to do that”, “You’re going to fail”, “You’ll look stupid”, on and... Read more »
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just being

Just Being

It’s summer! And what a summer! Love it or hate it, the sun is (mostly) shining, it’s warm (or hot) and school-term has finished. Time for holidays and fun! But what about you? Are you taking time out, or are... Read more »
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It Could Be Magic!

I’ve just come away from a coaching session with a fabulous woman, who uses her coaching time to really think things through and tap into her own inner wisdom. Brilliant to witness her turning herself around in one hour from... Read more »
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