What is coaching?

Coaching is an incredibly powerful and effective solution proven to help you achieve lasting change.

Coaching is:

  • Forward looking and promotes positive action
  • Practical, helpful and supportive
  • Individually tailored to your needs
  • Results orientated
  • Focused on solutions, not problems
  • Empowers you to make positive changes
  • Helps overcome any blocks that stand in the way of your ultimate success
  • Produces more results in less time and with less struggle and stress
  • Not a substitute for personal motivation – you still have to take responsibility for the problem, the change you make and the amount of work this requires
  • Powerful, collaborative and effective
  • Supports long-term, sustainable change and performance improvement at both personal and organisational levels
  • Helps you deal effectively with changes and challenges
  • Helps you or your business perform better, reach your personal and professional goals, and achieve greater balance, health and success.

What are the benefits of coaching?

Coaching is a very powerful experience that can have a huge impact on your performance and happiness.

Benefits include:

  • Overall wellness, health and happiness
  • Greater self-awareness and confidence
  • Improved communication and relationships
  • Increased energy and motivation
  • Reduced stress and better coping with demands
  • Improved time management
  • Overcoming obstacles that hold you back
  • Inner calm
  • An objective viewpoint and sounding board
  • Fresh ideas and a new perspective
  • Space to think
  • Increased decision-making and action-taking ability
  • Improved business growth and career advancement
  • Enhanced focus, clarity and performance
  • Deal with changes and challenges in life
  • Improved work-life balance
  • Personal and professional growth and success

How much does it cost?

Good coaching is an investment – an important short-term investment in you so you can reap the benefit for the long-term.

Unlike a two-week holiday, where your hard-earned cash may buy you a temporary reprieve from everyday pressures, coaching opens the door to long-term changes for a positive, effective and fulfilling future. A powerful investment in yourself and your life.

To see full details of my fees for your coaching, go to Phone Coaching, Face to Face Coaching , Online Coaching , or Executive Life Coaching .

Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes, I have offer a full no-risk guarantee. It is important to me that you are getting real benefit out of your coaching. I am so confident that my coaching will make a difference to you and your organisation that if after the first coaching session you feel you have not received anything of value I will refund all your fees.

During the coaching please let me know if you are not happy about your coaching at any time – it is important to me that you are receiving the support you need. If we cannot resolve things to your satisfaction, I will happily refund your fees for all unused sessions.

Can I have a free consultation?

Yes. This is a good way for you to tell me what it is you want from coaching and for you to ask any questions you may have about my coaching and find out how you might benefit. It is also a good way for each of us to decide if we work well together.

You are not obliged to go ahead with coaching and the consultation is completely free, so there is no risk to you.

Email me now for a free consultation 0115 925 2552 (+44 115 925 2552 outside UK)

What will you, the coach do?

I am a qualified, professional coach, there to help you build on your successes, decide, plan and put in place steps towards your goals. My role is your personal and professional mentor, your thinking partner, objective sounding board, personal motivator and your loyal supporter. I want a lot for you and will be fully committed to your success.

For each coaching session I will plan and prepare the coaching to meet your particular challenges and needs, and where appropriate follow up with recommendations for the next stage of your journey or send you additional resources, to ensure the coaching is tailor-made for you and of the highest quality. I don’t do the work for you – I ask questions to help uncover the wealth of skills and knowledge in you, and mentor where there are gaps.

I provide the input and support to help you:

  • Identify and solve challenging professional or personal issues
  • Clarify your goals and move towards them
  • Identify and eliminate barriers to your success
  • See the future possibilities in your current situation
  • Get in touch with who you are and what you really want and need to be doing
  • Find the most appealing and effective strategies to achieve your goals
  • Stay focused and on track
  • Turn your self-doubt into self-confidence

I encourage and support your self-discovery and help you to find the solutions that are right for you. My role is to motivate, challenge and inspire you to achieve exceptional personal and professional results.

During our coaching sessions I:

  • Will believe in you and remain completely committed to your success
  • Keep the focus on YOU
  • Listen to you but won’t judge you
  • Provide you with an outside and objective perspective
  • Quickly identify the real issues
  • Point out things you can’t see and give you ideas on how to improve your performance
  • Ask incisive questions to help you understand your specific challenges and the solutions available to you
  • Help you define goals, strategies, and plans
  • Support you in the steps towards your success
  • Accelerate your progress by providing greater focus and awareness of choice
  • Teach you techniques to help you achieve your goals
  • Challenge you to go beyond where you would normally stop
  • Maintain complete confidentiality
  • Motivate you to be your absolute best

I help you bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be. I help you discover and live a better, more fulfilling personal and professional life.

How does coaching work?

Coaching gives you the time, space and encouragement to identify your goals and your challenges, and then take the appropriate steps to overcome your challenges and achieve your goals. We meet typically weekly, over the phone, face to face or through online coaching via video link. We agree a focus for each session which will take you closer to your goals. I listen, ask questions, and contribute observations to help you clarify your goals, overcome your challenges and discover plans and solutions. I don’t do the work for you – I help uncover the wealth of skills and knowledge in you, and mentor where there are gaps. I encourage you to develop independence and aim to equip you with the tools and techniques so you can confidently tackle day-to-day issues at home and work. You leave each session with a practical plan for action to move you nearer to full success. The sessions continue as long as you need the support to keep you at the top of your game or until you feel to have achieved your goals. All our sessions are confidential.

Through coaching you are empowered to:

  • Feel more focused and positive
  • Remove barriers to your success
  • Know where you’re heading
  • Make significant shifts in your mindset, behaviours and approach
  • Gain greater self-awareness and self-worth
  • Learn to balance the various demands on your time
  • Have greater confidence in yourself and your abilities
  • Become more productive and effective
  • Feel more organised and in control
  • Find even greater satisfaction and success
  • Manage your stress
  • Stop yourself from sabotaging your own success
  • Feel inspired, motivated and energised
  • Make better decisions
  • Find time for you and the important things in your life
  • Make better relationships
  • Feel healthier and a greater sense of wellness
  • Take full control of your work and your life
  • Maximise effectiveness
  • Realise the full potential in you and in your organisation

How long does someone work with a coach?

For coaching to be fully effective, leading to lasting, positive change, a minimum of three months is the usual term. The coaching will be tailor-made to you and your individual needs. Many clients work with me for between 6 and 9 months.

On occasions, some people work with me for a year or longer, especially if they want to work on an ongoing basis in order to keep at the ‘top of their game’ – just as professional athletes and performers will have their own coach to keep their performance at its best.

How does Executive Life Coaching work?

“Executive coaching is similar to personal life coaching, except that it is paid for by the organisation and is usually designed to facilitate performance improvements which will enhance the organisation as well as the individual.

I have a unique approach to executive coaching which distinguishes my approach from many management consultancies – a holistic approach which acknowledges both the professional and personal factors which inhibit success, and which helps develop the individual’s potential, performance and effectiveness, at home and work.
My approach is results orientated – I want you and your organisation to succeed. I help the organisation get the best from its people and help people get the best from themselves. Investing in coaching for you and your staff helps overcome problems, maximise personal effectiveness and in turn leads to the optimum performance of the organisation. If your people are more effective, so is your company, and loyalty, morale and productivity are maximised.

I offer individual coaching, group workshops and wellbeing surgeries to organisations.  Find out more about executive coaching and how it works at my Executive Life Coaching page.

What is the difference between coaching and counselling?

Counselling is a therapy designed to help people who are struggling to cope with the present which addresses and deals with issues from the past that have impacted negatively on their life. Counselling can be a very effective approach when you are not yet ready to move forward and can be a useful precursor to coaching.

Coaching is not a therapy nor is it focused on the past. It is not appropriate or effective for people who have severe emotional problems or addictions. Instead it looks to the future and is a powerful, individually-tailored, solution-based, action-focused approach to getting where you want to be. Coaching is designed for healthy individuals who want to make positive changes in their life or work, to help them achieve their full potential personally and professionally.

How is coaching different from business consulting?

Usually you employ a business consultant when you need specific advice and recommendations about a proposed business development. The consultant will assess the situation, give you concrete recommendations for what to do, and move on.

Whilst as a coach I can give specific suggestions and practical ideas, I will focus on your own particular needs, goals and challenges. The coaching will be tailor-made for you and your situation. Instead of just telling you what to do, which may resolve a single situation, I will help you uncover the root of your challenges, assist you in identifying your own solutions and facilitate your professional growth and development so that you can make better, more informed, ongoing decisions for yourself. Coaching works because it enables you to experience changes for and in yourself, leading to lasting significant shifts in approach and behaviour.

To decide whether coaching or consulting will help you best:

If you need technical information and advice, and you need it right away so that you can move forward, then a consultant may be the answer. If you want to develop a new way of thinking and being so that you or your people can consistently work at a higher level, then coaching is likely to be a better solution.

Why would I use a coach?

Coaching helps you make significant shifts in your personal or professional life, especially if you are feeling stuck or in need of some independent, professional support to make the change happen and to reach your full potential. A good coach will help guide, inspire and motivate you to achieve sustainable change and find a more successful and fulfilling personal and professional life.

Never before have there been such expectations on us personally and professionally. Yet more than ever we want to find balance and fulfilment in our lives. Having a coach gives you the support to help with your challenges, to identify and make the life choices and changes that are important to you, and to reach your personal and professional potential.

Coaching is a positive development tool rather than a sign of weakness or failure. Work with a coach if you want to overcome blocks, realise your potential and become the best you can be.

You may seek a coach because you:

  • Want to learn and grow
  • Don’t feel you are reaching your full potential
  • Are stuck in a rut
  • Have a pressing challenge
  • Are undergoing a personal or professional transition
  • Want to make a positive change
  • Want help in defining goals that fit your values as well as your needs and wants
  • Want professional support in making decisions and moving forward
  • Want help in developing strategies or plans
  • Are facing redundancy
  • Want to improve your personal or team performance
  • Want someone who will give you honest, objective feedback
  • Want support in a new role or following promotion
  • Want someone who will hold you accountable
  • Want someone to teach you practical and effective tools and techniques

Through coaching you will learn to take a step back and see things from a fresh perspective, balance your priorities, build on your strengths and find renewed success. As your coach I will be totally focused on your agenda and your success.

Who comes for coaching?

Anyone who does not feel they are reaching their full potential in their career or personal life and is serious about making the changes they need to make should consider working with a coach. Most successful people including top athletes, performers and business people have their own coach to help them find and maintain optimum success.

Whether you are a:

A professional

  • With too much to do in too little time
  • Wanting to lower your stress and improve your time management
  • Wanting to recognise your full value and worth
  • Seeking calm and confidence in your many roles
  • Facing redundancy or a career change with uncertainty
  • Wanting to have it all – career, family, relationships and fun

A manager or leader

  • Wanting to build your confidence and skills in a new role
  • Wanting to maximise effectiveness and manage stress
  • Ready to manage, communicate and inspire more effectively
  • Wanting to develop trusting, effective relationships
  • Keen to get the best from your people
  • Seeking a rewarding work-life balance

You can benefit from coaching.

My clients come to:

  • Find better balance in their life
  • Lower their stress, feel calmer and in control
  • Boost their energy, health and confidence
  • Manage their time and finances better
  • Communicate better and make better relationships
  • Find themselves and their direction
  • Learn to like themselves, feel happier and more fulfilled
  • Become fully effective personally and professionally

They all share a desire to enhance their work or personal lives, and come for encouragement, practical ideas and support on their journey.

Does it matter where I live?

No. I work with people from across the UK and the world using telephone, or online video link such as Skype or Zoom.

How do I know it will work?

Read some of my case-studies and testimonials to see how it has worked for my clients and transformed their lives. The outcome depends on my skill as a coach and crucially on your commitment to change. The power of coaching comes from the actions that you take as a result of the coaching. Invest time and commitment in those tasks and you will achieve lasting, positive change. If you have identified areas you’d like professional help with, are ready to make the necessary changes, and are committed enough to put in the time, effort and investment required to achieving your goals, you will undoubtedly benefit from coaching.

If you’re still unsure, email me now today to arrange a free consultation. My personal guarantee means that if you feel you have not received value from the coaching after just one coaching session, I will refund your money in full.

I don’t think I’d get on with phone or Skype coaching

This is a common fear. However, phone or online video link coaching saves you travel time and costs, means you can be coached from the comfort of your armchair or office and, you might be surprised to discover, is as effective as face-to-face coaching. In some cases it can be more effective as it allows you to focus quickly and easily on the matter in hand, and some people find phone or online coaching assists them in opening up. In most cases, you won’t even have to pay for the cost of the call – online video link is free and I usually call phone clients who opt for phone coaching.

If you’re still unsure, just give it a go. If it doesn’t work out for you, we can find another way to work or I can recommend another coach.

What is online coaching?

Online coaching via video link such as Skype of Zoom offers all the benefits of coaching using online conferencing as the method of communication rather than face to face or over the phone. It enables you to experience the power of coaching wherever you are in the world.

It operates exactly the same way as face to face coaching or phone coaching, but means we can communicate with each other wherever you are in the world.

Usually we switch off the webcam and work with just audio for the coaching itself, so we are not distracted by any technical difficulties onscreen and to maximise the signal strength.

If you’re unsure whether it will be the right approach for you, just give it a go. If it doesn’t work out for you, we can find another way to work that will suit you better.

How do I choose a coach?

Choosing a good coach is mainly about getting the ‘chemistry’ right between you and the coach. It’s better to find a good coach with whom you ‘click’ who is the other side of the world than find someone nearer in whom you don’t have full confidence. This is why it’s good to talk with the coach or have a consultation first to check out how you get on. Email me now today to arrange your free consultation.

It’s also important to check out the level of training the coach has undertaken, any professional body they are a member of and how they keep their skills updated, to give an idea of their quality and standards. I am an Accredited Coach, have a Diploma in Life Coaching, am a Member of the Association for Coaching which has a strict Code of Ethics, and keep my skills up to date through regular training, sharing best practice and undertaking supervision on my coaching.

It’s helpful to know whether the Coach is already experienced in the area of coaching you require. A good Coach will always offer to refer you on to someone more suitable if they don’t feel qualified to help you.

What is the next step?

The best way to find out about coaching is to email me now to arrange a free consultation so you can get an idea of what coaching can do for you. Your free consultation will enable me to identify the best option for your needs, or telephone me on 0115 925 2552 (+44 115 925 2552 outside UK)