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Brilliant Notts kids

Feeling Happy!

Can you imagine – 1000 kids proudly presenting their work over the last 6 months in spreading happiness, positivity, and confidence across their schools and communities?  What an occasion! We had our finale of the ‘Brilliant Notts’ project yesterday when... Read more »
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Sing for Joy!

No toothache!  I feel a new woman!  After days of debilitating face and head pain from a poorly tooth, only soothed by painkillers, antibiotics and dental treatment, I am now virtually pain-free again.  And what a delight that is.  I... Read more »
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It hurts!

I’ve been struggling with toothache recently.  An old, recurring abscess, which sends shooting aches and pains across the left side of my face and head.  Thank goodness for antibiotics and dentists! I know it won’t last forever. This reminded me... Read more »
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