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Brilliant Notts kids

Feeling Happy!

Can you imagine – 1000 kids proudly presenting their work over the last 6 months in spreading happiness, positivity, and confidence across their schools and communities?  What an occasion! We had our finale of the ‘Brilliant Notts’ project yesterday when... Read more »
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I’m So Excited!

Sounds like a lyric from an 80’s pop song. No, really – I am so excited!…  Imagine all our children feeling inspired, positive, confident and happy, ready to grab their lives with both hands. Imagine that happening at a time... Read more »
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How to be happy!

Despite the huge advances in medicine, education and living standards  we don’t seem to be particularly happy (unlike this dog). We may be in difficult financial times, but on the whole we still have it good compared with so may... Read more »
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Happy Day!

Today is the world’s first UN International Day of Happiness – a day to inspire action for a happier world.  Increasingly we are realising that progress is about measuring more than just the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of a nation.... Read more »
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